GFA is one of the leading Intermodal Transportation service providers supplying more than 40% of all Intermodal traffic in the Automotive corridor located throughout Alabama and Georgia. Extensive experience with JIT (Just in time) and JIS (Just in Sequence) shipments.

Contingency Planning


GFA Logistics Solution

Additional storage space is available as needed. For long term, additional warehousing is available. For short term storage needs, Storage trailers and drop lots are located in our Valley, AL branch.


GFA Logistics Solution

We have 550+ associates working within 25 mile radius of Opelika warehouse allowing for additional manpower to be available for any site if headcount shortage occurs on any given day.


GFA Logistics Solution

  • We have 30+ trucks already operating in Opelika and surrounding area allowing for drivers to be real-time dispatched should the need arise due to emergency shipment or breakdown incident.
  • Additionally, two drivers per shift are kept on standby duty at Valley terminal for emergency reaction plan.
  • GPS tracking allows for real time updates.
  • Management Commitment : Structured backup plan of overseeing management is in place should there be a need.
  • Our customer service is 24/7 to support our customer’s need.

Team GFA moving forward into right direction

Total Logistics Solution

As a leading provider

As a leading provider of multimodal transportation and distribution services, our people, processes, and systems work together to deliver superior performance and value to our customers every day.